We are Naro Bakes

Naro Bakes Melbourne Victoria Owner


Naro Bakes was founded in 2020 by young Melbourne chef, Carla Montanaro, when her passion for pastry grew into a desire to bake beautiful pies.

After working in Melbourne’s best fine dining and modern fusion restaurants for over seven years and travelling through Italy’s countryside immersing herself in her family’s culinary history, Carla decided to open her own small bakery – Naro Bakes.

Much like her Nonna and the generations of home cooks before her, Carla’s Italian heritage informs her approach to cooking – it must be honest, authentic, and heart-warming, using only fresh seasonal ingredients and, above all else, time. Time to roll the rough puff pastry by hand, gently dusting and folding each layer, feeling the weight of it, smoothing its surface, and then watching the buttery layers separate and rise in the oven to form a delicately crisp crust on each pie.

Naro Bakes is dedicated to the craft of baking beautiful, wholesome pies and baked goods. We keep our footprint as small as possible, sourcing ingredients from local growers and suppliers.

We take pride in our pies and pastries, taking the time to slow cook our fillings and to knead and roll the pastry by hand to achieve the most authentic and delicious pies possible. We do not use preservatives, emulsifiers or artificial flavours in our pastry or fillings. The goodness in the ingredients is what makes our pies taste so good.