We are keen to ensure your experience of our products is as perfect as possible. For any questions or queries you might have, shoot us a message via our website's chat function or email. We always aim to reply as quickly as is feasible.

To make the flow of information between you and us even easier, we've put together some FAQs below:

How do I heat up my pie?

The most effective way to heat a Naro pie is by firstly getting to know your oven well. Is the heat fan-forced or regular, and is your oven super old, super new, cranky, efficient, super hot, super slow? The time and temperature it takes to heat up our pies and ensure a golden cripsy crust will depend on the quality of your oven.

Once you have acquainted yourself with your oven, preheat to 175 -185 degrees celcius. The lower end of the heat spectrum is for those of you who own  awesome fan-forced ovens and the higher end is for those who don't. Take your pie out of it's box and place it on the shelf that sits in the centre of your oven. We want to minimise any risk of burning the crust and maximise the opportunity to crispen the base. And then just let it sit and heat for 40-50 minutes. Test your pie has heated through by grabbing a knife and poking it into the centre of the pie. Remove and touch it with your finger. If your finger tip recoils in pain then it's perfect - you want it hot!!

All our pies come with heating instructions on the box.

How do I get my hands on your pies?

We bake our pies every week and sell them fresh. We are a small batch bakery, baking each pie, pastry and baked goodies by hand. Which means we can only sell limited quantities each week, and we frequently sell out.

There are two ways to buy a Naro pie. The first is here, through our website. We open orders every Tuesday evening for delivery the following Saturday.

We also have a growing list of stockists around Melbourne who sell our pies. They are awesome local foodstores, who support our product and will happily put aside a pie for you. You can check them out on the Stockists page on our website.

So pick-up is available?

Not yet. Occasionally, we open our kitchen doors for pickup but at this stage we only offer delivery

Can I freeze my pie?

Yes! We have plenty of customers who freeze their pies for all kinds of reasons - a rainy day, a sunny day, to have in the freezer at the holiday house, or as a dinner option for those Friday nights when making dinner is just too difficult to fathom. Whatever the reason, our pies can be frozen for up to three weeks. Ensure the pie is completely defrosted before placing in the oven. And then follow our heating instructions on the box or in the FAQ above.

Can I heat my pie in an airfyer?

Yes! We have many customers who prefer to heat their pies in their airfyer rather than the oven. We'll leave that decision up to you.

Do you have Vegan options?

We try our best to cater for a variety of dietary needs. Every few months we offer the Madeleine pie, which is Vegan and delicious. It's filled with roasted pumpkin, cauliflower, tomatoes and spiced lentils and wrapped in an olive oil pastry case.